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4 Ways Movement Saved My Life

I’ve been away for a while. I’m sorry.

I was in between passion and providing. Having to provide won over for a bit. Trying to merge passion and income has been tough for me but I’ve finally reached a place where I have nothing left but to try this out. For real this time.

It didn’t dawn on me how much I needed to move. It kept me on track. It kept me optimistic.

The moment I stopped moving, the more the weight of life really started to settle on me.

But thank God I got up and exercised!

I figure I would share four ways that movement saved my life.

1. Goal Setting.

It may not sound like much but it’s amazing how your day, week, month, or year can be shaped when you sit down and write out your goals.

The funny thing? I had written out goals. I generally write down my goals for the year, but that was it. I left them collecting dust on my nightstand. I never revisited the goals I had written and therefore lost my focus. It has bee easy for me to do that trying to raise a boy. I thought I was super mom at one point. But I was failing miserably because I had lost sight of my goal!

I was consumed by my current circumstances that I didn’t allow myself to dream again. Have you ever done that?

Things just wasn’t fun anymore. I was losing a grasp on what was important. All because I didn’t have something to look forward to.

When I finally sat down after being unhappy with being 50lbs over weight, I set a goal. I wanted to start by losing 5lbs and see how I felt from there. I lost the 5lbs but I knew I had to go further.

2. Weight Bearing.

I was used to taking the easy way out of things. I was hypersensitive as a child so a bit of that carried over into adulthood. Anytime I felt challenged, I cried. I felt that it was a personal attack. I was a light weight, if you will, on dealing with life and all that came with it.

After having my son, I knew it wasn’t about me. It couldn’t be. Motherhood was heavy! It still is sometimes, but I had to carry the weight of it.

Sometimes carrying our own weight is hard enough. That’s before we even take on anyone else’s.

When I learned what I could handle, it helped me master that.

After losing 5lbs, I knew I could do 10. Gradually, I started increasing repetitions or the physical weight that I was lifting.

I had a slip up because I was trying to lift more than I could carry. I was going too soon too fast. But eventually I caught my stride. It brings me to my next point.

3. Progression.

Again, I had to master carrying the weight that was already in front of me. It wasn’t a challenge any more. I had finally reached a point where I knew I could do more.

The same was true for motherhood. That is quite an adjustment for any woman to go through. I don’t know if it was the environment or just me, but I was trying to rush back into the ‘normal’ things. But anything new comes with the need for a new normal.

Lifting 5lbs became easy. Not long after, 10lbs became easy, too. But I gave myself grace and allowed myself to adjust to the changes.

One reason I was feeling stuck is because I was running away from a challenge. A challenge is the stairway to a new level. Often times we think of it as a way to expose a weakness.

It’s not. Take it one step at a time, but keep moving forward.

Ok. Last point.

4. Consistency.

One way to really frustrate yourself is to be inconsistent, but expect the results that only consistency can bring. That was me for a while. If anything, I was consistently inconsistent. Remember, I did admit to writing out goals and not looking at them again! I also admitted to crying at the sight of any thing seemingly challenging.

Choosing to show up once in a while is not going to get you anywhere. Just like this blog, for instance. I enjoy writing, but I wasn’t writing.

This was probably the biggest lesson I learned.

Getting up and moving helped me realize this. With consistency, I lost 50lbs. Even today, I’ve kept it off and I’m blessed to help other women do the same.

There is power in movement. It not just about losing weight but it can help every area of your life. Maybe you need to move on an idea. A t-shirt line. A business venture. Maybe you’re feeling heavy because you’re going in a circle with no goal.

Whatever you’re dealing with, I know that these four things can help you move forward because it helped me. It’s more than just fitness for me.

I have a 21 Day Challenge coming up in October and I’d love to see you in it! More details will come, but I wanted to give you my very first e-book for FREE. I thought it was a flop but a lot of people have found it useful. Click the link to get yours!

Come back for more about wellness and life!

Love ya!

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